AdGate Rewards relies on our advertisers to notify us when an offer is completed. If an advertiser has not notified us of a valid completion for your account, then we are not able to credit you.

If you believe you completed an offer correctly, but did not receive your reward, please contact us. The correct way to contact us is to open a support ticket through the AdGate Rewards wall.

Look in the top left corner for the hamburger button. Click this button to open the navigation menu.

Then click the Reward Status menu item to see a full list of your AdGate Rewards history.

Finally, select the offer you wish to contact us about and click the Contact button.

Please note: Using the AdGate Rewards support functionality is the only way we can assist you in receiving your rewards. If you contact us through any other means we will not be able to lookup the information associated with your AdGate Rewards account.